Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finding a Rhythm

Someone point me to a manual. The toddler years leave me feeling so ill equipped as a mama. What I do know about my current little caveboy are these things: he does not like transitions, he needs a very predictable routine, and he likes a frequent change of scenery. I've been weeding through our rhythms, seeing how he responds and  forming a solid routine. I function better with a routine as well, but I need it visual - lists, charts, graphs. Target Dollar Aisle obviously knows this about me.

Our mornings go like this:
We roll out of bed hungry somewhere between 6 and 7
7am - Breakfast
7:30 - Get Ready (clothes, teeth, hair, shoes, etc)
8am - Leave for School

For our days I plan to start closely following his school day routine
They arrive and play in centers
9:30 - Play Outside (the backyard, a park or an indoor play place, NOT in our house)
11am- Lunch
Noon - Nap
2:30 - Art
3:30- Head Home from school or Run Errands on weekends

Then we get into our nightly routine
4:30 - Snack and Homework
5:30 - TV Time while I get dinner on the table
6:00 - Dinner and a Walk
6:30 - Baths and Pajamas
7pm - Goodnight Show
8pm - Bedtime

What's your daily rhythm like?

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  1. Ugh, I need a daily rhythm. It was pretty standardized when our summer classes were going, but then that little not-summer-not-fall time came. Then chaos and boredom. Now it seems to be going back to "normal"....I'll get back to you once the schedule is actually finalized! :P