Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cleaning Bathrooms

Everyone's most favorite room to clean! What's not to love? Soap scum, toilet rings, hairy drains, beard trimmings, toothpaste covered mirrors and the list of nasty goes on. It's not how I want to spend my Saturday morning so we fit this in on weekday evenings.

Lemon Tub Scrub
We have multiple bathrooms so twice a week we pick a tub, the kids get half a lemon each and a bowl of baking soda. It's especially fun when they get to do our big garden tub. While they are splishing, splashing and scrubbing - I get to do everything else! It's just too gross for the littles to be that involved. But I'm right there, they are having fun and our mirrors, counters and toilets get shiny.

The Down and Dirty 
-Clear the clutter *
-Clean the mirror
-Wipe down the counter
-Wipe the doorknobs and light switches
-Scrub the sink
-Swish the toilet
-Wipe down the toilet
-Join the kids in scrubbing the tub!

*Don't leave your littles unattended in the tub. If something belongs in another room, put it just outside the door and deal with it later.

Little Helpers:
We have a mesh bag that suction cups to the tub wall. At the end of each bath when we say, "goodbye water!" the kids race the drain to see if they can get all the toys into it before the water is gone.

What are your favorite bathroom tips and tricks?

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